February Music Favourites

… Hi. It me. MAY have Disappeared for a bit BUT, I’m back (for now lol). To ease myself into things again, I’ve got a little February Music Favourites post for ya – enjoy x

1. Lizzo – Juice

I love love LOVE Lizzo. She’s a body positive beauty who celebrates black womanhood, female sexuality, and produces exceptional bops. She makes me feel fit and I appreciate it. If you don’t already have Lizzo in your life, change that asap please and thank you x

2. Ariana Grande – in my head

Sweet sweet baby Ari. Admittedly, when Ariana released her fifth studio album ‘thank u, next’ at the start of February, it was pretty much all I listened to up until about a week ago. There’s not a single filler track in sight – break up albums don’t often get as wonderful as this. in my head is about a partner not living up to the idealised, romanticised version of them you’ve created in your own head. And it’s got the catchiest post-chorus ever.

thank u next_grande

3. King Princess – Pussy Is God

I’ve been obsessed with this since its release waaaay back in November last year. With the opening lines of ‘your pussy is god and i love it, gonna kiss me real hard make me want it’, it’s evident from the outset that this is an unapologetic, brash song dripping with sensuality and confidence about – yep you’ve guessed it – sex. 10/10. Big fan.

4. The Japanese House – Maybe You’re The Reason

The Japanese House’s debut album (finally) dropped this Friday, and after a few listens Maybe You’re The Reason still stands out as one of my favourite tracks she’s released over the last four years.


5. Sam Fender – break up with your girlfriend i’m bored

First of all, jawline. Second, everything Sam Fender does is simply *chef’s kiss*. But this live lounge cover of Ariana’s break up with your girlfriend i’m bored is a bit nice.


6. Little Comets – Isles

This oldie has been making a comeback in my playlists recently. I love Little Comets, and would very much like to shout ‘B-R-I-T-I SAY BRITISH ISLES’ at a gig sometime soon.


7. Daniel Caesar – Who Hurt You?

Oh wow would you look at that? Another a sexually-charged, late-night jam that makes me feel FIT.


8. Hozier – Say My Name

I know I *probably* should have said something off his new album here, but I’ve been devouring his super soulful re-imagining of Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name like nobody’s business this month.


9. Ben Howard – There’s Your Man

My best boy. I’m still as wholeheartedly in love with Noonday Dream as I was when it was released last year, discovering new little twinkles to each song on every listen. Its sprawling chaotic, and tantalising, and really hasn’t received the appreciation it deserves.


10. Cardi B and Bruno Mars – Please Me

I promise I don’t just listen to songs that would be most at home on someone’s sex playlist. The video for Please Me is DRIPPING in neon, so naturally I’ve watched it 798 times already, even if Bruno’s moustache makes me deeply uncomfortable.


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