The Covasettes – Top Drawer

Building on the success earned from their previous two singles, rising Manchester four-piece The Covasettes have released their third single in the form of ‘Top Drawer’. The band, who have since received support from BBC Introducing, as well as played sold-out shows in Manchester, Leeds, Derby, and London, here swap out their slightly heavier side for what they describe as ‘a more vibrant and summery vibe’.

Commenting on the track, The Covasettes said: “We’re really excited to finally be
releasing Top Drawer. To us, this is the perfect summer tune so there could be no
better time for it to come out. It’s an upbeat, happy-go-lucky song and we really hope everyone gets behind it! We can safely say this is the most excited we’ve been about a song!”

Now, whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with ‘Top Drawer’, there’s also nothing different about it. It’s not bad, it’s just familiar and – I hate to say this – boring. For example in terms of the chorus, what I’m sure was intended to be a catchy little earworm, instead just comes off as repetitive. If you (still) like Catfish and the Bottlemen, then sure, you’ll probably love it. However, going to a music college in Manchester means that I am very familiar with bands that are made up of four white boys with guitars, and unfortunately ‘Top Drawer’ can be described as little else than your typical indie track. It’s certainly weaker than some of their previous releases, particularly ‘This Feeling’, which showcased a heavier side to the quartet and was an overall more enjoyable listen. This shows me that The Cosavettes absolutely have the potential to do better and be better. Manchester is a city overflowing with bands doing exactly what The Cosavettes do, and if they continue doing very little to stand out and keep afloat in the deep end then they’ll drown.

Ultimately, the best thing about ‘Top Drawer’ is the Pug in the video. He’s great.


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