The 1975 Return With New Single ‘Give Yourself A Try’

Following months and months of speculation, teasing, and social media tomfoolery, The 1975 have released the first single ‘Give Yourself A Try’ from their upcoming third studio album.

The track debuted on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show earlier this evening, alongside the news that (surprise surprise) frontman Matty Healy has changed his mind regarding the title of the third album. He had previously stated that the album would be called ‘Music For Cars’, however that appears to no longer be the case – ‘Give Yourself A Try’ is the first single from their new album now titled ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ (those social media posts make a little more sense now).

During an interview on Radio 1, Matty confirmed that it will be the first of two albums, “the first album [ABIIOR] will be in October, and the other will be in May of next year”. Music For Cars isn’t totally scrapped however, as the band will be using it as the umbrella term for the new era that the next two albums will form. “It starts with two albums, the first is ‘A Brief Inquiry, and then when I come back in later in the year I’ll tell you all about the other one”, he says speaking to Annie Mac. (Speaking to Beats Radio he has since revealed that the second is titled ‘Notes On A Conditional Form.) “It’s not going to be a double album, because, that would be prog and annoying. It’ll be two completely independent statements. It’s partially because there’s too much too say to only do one record.”.

And as for a tour? You’ve still got time if you’re skint because they won’t be touring until 2019 – “We’re going to start touring in January and we’re gonna tour for ages.”.

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