The Recoupes – ‘All I Know’

FFO: Indigo Velvet, Marsicans, Model Aeroplanes, The Wombats, Circa Waves

All I Know is the latest endeavour from London based indie-pop band The Recoupes. Known for their delivery of blistering sets, not only in their native London/Essex, but across the UK, playing venues such as O2 Islington whilst supporting The Hoosiers, as well as headline sets at Camden Assembly and The Goodship. The Recoupes already have BBC airplay already under their belt, and recently collaborated with producer Gavin Monaghan (JAWSThe EditorsThe Sherlocks) on All I Know, a slick slice of catchy, up-beat, tropical pop.

“The song came about at a rehearsal a few months ago, and made it into out live set straight away – maybe even before we’d worked everything out”, explains bassist Louie Cameron. “The reception it got at our shows was too good for us not to record it as soon as we could”. All I Know is about frontman Alan Li‘s girlfriend, and the turbulent nature of growing up, the transition period from teenager to adult. “Knowing that you can’t be perfect, especially when you’re young and feel like you’re still getting the hang of life. But despite that, you find someone who accepts that and you want to give your all to them”.

The track was recorded at Monaghan‘s Magic Garden studios, and as a result meant The Recoupes were following in the steps of British rock royalty like Robert Plant, which was all the inspiration they needed. “We loved the recording experience, especially the old equipment that Gavin has. Even one of Bernard Sumner‘s guitars was hanging in the collection there as we recorded!”

The Recoupes - Promo 5

The London quartet have listed The 1975, Arctic Monkeys, Circa Waves, and Model Aeroplanes as some of the biggest influences behind their sound, and this is clearly showcased in All I Know, a driving and danceable indie crowd pleaser.


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