Peace – From Under Liquid Glass



Their first release since their 2015 sophomore album Happy PeoplePeace dropped new single From Under Liquid Glass with seemingly no warning, hype, or promo of any kind last night. Known for their melodic, drifting indie rock, the four-piece have been MIA for a little while now.

However Peace been showing slight signs of life this year, playing the odd benefit gig here and there, and confirming headline festival appearances at Live at Leeds and Liverpool Sound City next year. Back in October they headlined Manchester’s Neighbourhood Festival, a set that we can probably count as their comeback gig, and with a queue outside the Albert Hall that stretched to a forty-five minute wait you didn’t even have to reach the venue to see just how much Peace had been missed. It was a set packed with old sing-along favourites injected with some fresh new material, From Under Liquid Glass (then titled Mental Head) included, providing a delicious taste of what was to come.

From Under Liquid Glass comes as a collaboration with mental health charity MQ as part of their ‘It’s Time To Give A F** About Mental Illness In Young People’ campaign. Harry Koisser explained that he wrote the song during his most difficult spring in a long time. “Peace have always been an explosion of happiness”, he explains, “but that isn’t reflective of every part of me or anyone for that matter, and this song, at its most zoomed out demonstrates that polarity; you can be a happy person and still take a pasting from your demons. Although this song is deeply personal, it’s really for everyone as most people have had, come into contact with, or will have some degree of mental health issue in their lives”. He added: “If people take comfort in the song that’s only a good thing, and if people can relate to it, that’s a good thing too, and to me is what music is about – and I hope it can help continue to raise awareness around mental health. Before now my approach has been to cover up and not talk about any sort of mental health issues, but I’m lucky in that I have songs to put my feelings into; this is the first time I’ve been this straight forward in a song and this honest.” Koisser is pleased that Peace are supporting MQ and their goal of transforming mental health through research.

The wait has been more than worth it. Slower than their usual material, From Under Liquid Glass comes as a breath of fresh air, a track that blooms and builds up to an impressive anthemic crowd-pleasing finale. It’s quite remarkable just how much of a stamp they have made on the indie world, and I have absolutely no doubts that they’ll be welcomed back like heroes with this one.

In the words of Harry Koisser at Neighbourhood Festival – ‘We are Peace and we’re back from the dead’ and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier. Listen to new track From Under Liquid Glass below.


Samaritans are there to talk to any time on 116 123 for free. If you’re suffering, please speak out x

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