Made in Scotland

Inspired by a Spotify playlist I came across this morning, and also because it’s St Andrew’s Day, aaaaaand because I’m ever so slightly homesick, I’ve decided to do a little list of some of my favourite tracks by a few of my favourite Scottish artists. There will also be a playlist at the bottom with all the other tracks that I won’t necessarily talk about here (such as The Snuts, There Will Be Fireworks, and The Vegan Leather) simply because I’d truly be here forever if I tried to gush about them all. Enjoy x


1. Sunshine on Leith – The Proclaimers

I’ll get this one out of the way first, after all, it wouldn’t be a Made in Scotland post if The Proclaimers didn’t feature on it. I’ve got a massive soft spot for the film too, and both are my go-to’s whenever I start missing home.

2. Diary of Always – Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro‘s Hogmanay concert in Princes Street Gardens in 2010 was my first ever gig, so if anything they’re completely to blame for the way I am now. Choosing my favourite track was a difficult one, but I settled on Diary of Always from their second LP Vertigo of Bliss, released in 2003Biffy Clyro are one of the best bands to come out of Scotland, and that’s not up for debate.

3. Better Man – Paolo Nutini

Paisley’s Paolo Nutini is my mum’s favourite artist, and whilst I like this track, it isn’t my favourite, but it is my mum’s. Shoutout to Paolo for making my mama a happy woman x

4. Caribbean War Syndrome – Twin Atlantic

Again, choosing my favourite Twin Atlantic track was a tough one (although it was never going to be anything post-Free, let’s be honest). At the time of writing this though, I’d say Caribbean War Syndrome from their 2009 debut (and best) album Vivarium is my favourite. I’ve seen Twin Atlantic many, many times over the last 8 years or so, and whilst I don’t enjoy their newer material as much, they did play a massive part in my teenage years so I don’t think I’ll ever not love them.


5. Out of the Blue – Prides

Out of the Blue isn’t necessarily my favourite Prides track, but it is the song from the RBS advert, and thus it’s the track that makes me miss home the most. Their 2015 debut album The Way Back Up is a massive favourite of mine, and I need to see them live again soon. Pls.

6. Feel Alive – Vistas

After only forming in January of last year, Vistas are till relatively new to the Scottish music scene but they’re quickly making a name for themselves as being one of most exciting young acts to come out of Scotland in a while. Edinburgh four-piece Vistas are no strangers to my blog, look at any one of my monthly favourites posts and you’ll probably find a Vistas track. They’ve done unbelievably well for themselves over the last 18 months or so, and it’s a joy to watch.

FullSizeRender (19)

7. Dignity – Deacon Blue

I remember my Dad always having this on when I was little, so I guess it’s on here for the sake of childhood nostalgia.

8. Nightdrive – Rebel Westerns

My best boys. I truly have nothing but a whole lot of love and support for Rebel Westerns. I found myself at their gig at Cab Vol waaaaay back in December of 2015 and I’ve probably been at every gig they’ve done in either Edinburgh or Glasgow since. I even travelled FROM MANCHESTER for the sole purpose of seeing them support Will Joseph Cook at The Mash House last month. They’re the loveliest group of boys, particularly Dom, and they deserve nothing but the best. Their final gig of 2017 is tomorrow at The Mash House, and I’m gutted that I can’t be there. Grab a ticket here though and have a party with them on my behalf pls x


9. Head Rolls Off – Frightened Rabbit

I don’t listen to Frightened Rabbit as much as I’d like to, mostly because I don’t enjoy making myself feel SAD. I was SUPER late to the Frightened Rabbit party, and Head Rolls Off from their 2007 album The Midnight Organ Fight was the first track I’d ever listened to, and even then I only heard it in 2015. Oops.

10. Lost on You – Lewis Capaldi

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Lewis Capaldi. I’ve definitely featured all four tracks from his 2017 EP Bloom in a few favourites posts throughout this year, and rightly so. Bathgate’s sadboi blew up this year, quickly selling out venues across the UK. His debut single Bruises had over a million streams on Spotify in something ridiculous like 9 days, which is insane. His poignant, heartbreaking lyrics have a universal relatability, and I think that’s why so many find solace in track like Lost on You. 

11. Joanna – Fatherson

I’ll admit that I never really got all that into Fatherson, but I’d be silly to not acknowledge that they’re a much loved Scottish act, and that it’s me who’s the weird one for not being that into them. I’ve met them a few times though, and they’re the nicest guys ever, and I do have a particular liking for Joanna from their second album Open Book, released last year.

12. Caledonia – Dougie Maclean

know this is cringe, but it had to be done, okay? It’s literally a song about being away from Scotland and being homesick, it has more than earned it’s spot here. On a related note, Paolo Nutini‘s cover of Caledonia is absolutely worth a listen.

13. City Boys – Indigo Velvet

Indigo Velvet gigs are one of the things I miss most about Edinburgh, after going to their Manchester gig at the start of the month I can tell you they’re just not the saaaaaame down here. They’re one of the first local bands I got into back home, and despite releasing some incredible tracks throughout 2017 (Mona, and Sunrise, to name a few), it’s still City Boys that has my heart. I’ll be at their debut EP launch at the Liquid Rooms next Friday and I truly couldn’t be more excited about it.



14. Whatever Dress Suits You Better – Model Aeroplanes

If it wasn’t for Twin Atlantic I probably wouldn’t have found Model Aeroplanes way back in 2014. The Dundee four-piece supported Twin at Fat Sam’s in August 2014 and I was hooked. They’ve understandably only gotten better since then, releasing their successful debut EP Something Like Heaven in March last year. Whatever Dress Suits You Better has been a particular favourite of mine for a while now.


15. othr grls – ST.MARTiiNS

If you’ve read a few of my monthly music favourites blog posts then you’ll need zero introduction to Dundee duo ST.MARTiiNS. I love them. Their debut EP Bad w/ Her, released earlier this year was a glittering alt-pop dream, and I’m excited to see what they have up their sleeves for 2018. I pinky promise I didn’t choose othr grls as my favourite track because of all the dogs in the music video, honest (I absolutely did).



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