November Music Favourites

I’ve somewhat neglected the little list of music favourites I normally keep in the notes on my phone this month. Deadlines at uni became very real, very quickly and I’ve had close to 874 word-count related breakdowns over the last few weeks. Also, there’s not really been any new album releases that have grabbed me throughout November, BUT there have been some sensational singles that have got me through the stress this month, and for that I am eternally thankful. Here’s my November favourites x


1. Retrospect – Vistas

MY BEST EDINBURGH BOYS HAVE ONLY GONE AND DONE IT AGAIN. Lothian four-piece Vistas are no strangers to my monthly music favourites posts, and are continually beating themselves at their own game. This time they managed to top August’s Hold Me with punchy new single Retrospect. It’s been an absolute pleasure to see them go from strength to strength over the last 18 months, and their set at Neighbourhood Festival last month was a much needed little taste of home. Their sun-drenched, indie-rock anthems are exuberant and danceable, and I KNOW they’ve got a massive 2018 ahead of them. They’ve also got a video for Retrospect coming ASAP btw x – twitter: @vistasmusic insta: @vistasmusic


2. Throw Ourselves In – Marsicans

Marsicans and bouncy, gig-ready indie anthems seem to come hand in hand, with each single as outrageously infectious as the one before. New single Throw Ourselves In is absolutely no different, bar being a little grungier than anything we’ve previously heard from the Leeds quartet. High energy, bouncy, and electric, it was an instant crowd pleaser last month at Neighbourhood Festival. I’m desperate to see Marsicans live again soon, and I’m SO excited to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves for us for 2018. Get them in and around your earholes, and get yourself to one of their sweaty sets ASAP. – twitter: @Marsicans insta: @marsicans

3. gold – EDEN

I stumbled upon Irish singer/songwriter and producer EDEN some time last year and was SO into his material, then he sort of just dropped off my radar for a little while. However, earlier this month 21 year old Jonathan Ng aka EDEN caught my attention all over again when he announced his debut album, and shared lead single gold with us. He’s a fresh, exciting artist, and gold shows off his songwriting and production abilities impeccably. If you like Francis and the Lights then you’ll love EDEN. We can expect his debut LP Vertigo to be released in January 2018, and I’m certain it’ll be a TREAT. Until then however, his 2016 EP i think you think too much of me is absolutely worth a listen. – twitter: @iameden insta: @iameden

4. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Phoebe Bridgers

Remember when I fell completely in love with Phoebe Bridgers last month, despite her debut album being one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever heard??? Yeah? Well, she broke me again. This month she released a cover of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, and her take on the Christmas classic is melancholic, gentle, and subdued. It’s ghostly, and I have zero shame in admitting that sobbed uncontrollably the first time I heard it, like genuinely SOBBED. Much like her LP, it’s truly beautiful. – twitter: @phoebe_bridgersinsta: @_fake_nudes_

5. New Year’s Eve – Pale Waves

Brimming with glittering 80s nostaglia, catchy lyrics, and indie charm, Manchester’s Pale Waves returned this month with new single New Year’s Eve, an easily danceable bop all about bringing in the year with an emotional breakdown – relatable. Pale Waves are doing a solid job of filling The 1975-shaped hole in my life at the moment, and you can definitely hear Matty and George‘s influence on each of their releases. Whilst their sound isn’t exactly groundbreaking, there is something fresh in its familiarity; and this single in particular is something a lot of people will be able to relate to. – twitter: @palewaves insta: @pale_waves


6. New Rules (Initial Talk Remix) – Dua Lipa

22 year old Dua Lipa is the hero we all needed. Her release of New Rules earlier this year was what every girl everywhere needed to hear, laying down the millennial commandments of 2017 and reminding us all that it it never a good idea to sleep with your ex. It remains the undisputed, most iconic track of the year, and has been on heavy rotation for MONTHS. I was admittedly beginning to get a little sick of it, and then someone brought Tokyo-based producer Initial Talk‘s 80s remix to my attention, and I’m into it all over again. And her. All praise Queen Dua. New Rules is timeless. – twitter: @DUALIPA insta: @dualipa

7. I Know You – Craig David ft. Bastille

Look, this isn’t something I thought I’d be putting on a monthly music favourites blog post any time soon either but here we are. Sometimes you hear about collaborations between artists that you would not have imagined working together. This was the case for me with Craig David and Bastille. It was hard to picture what their collab would sound like, but I am happy to report the result does not disappoint. It probably shouldn’t work, but it does. It’s not a track that’ll change your life or generate world peace, but it’s ridiculously catchy and still a pretty solid release. – twitter: @CraigDavid @bastilledan insta: @craigdavid @bastilledan

8. Naked – James Arthur

I’ve never reaaaaaally been a particular fan of X-Factor Winner James Arthur, and I’ve tended to be a little vocal about that. HOWEVER, whilst searching for tracks I could put in this month’s post, James Arthur‘s latest effort Naked came on shuffle, and I enjoyed it. It’s tender, authentic, and passionate, showcasing his capable vocal abilities.  The nuances, cracks, and power all impress on Naked. Furthermore, it’s just a generally well-executed track. So much so that I’m now going to go away and give James Arthur another shot, something a friend has been telling me to do for years and I think it’s about time I listened. Oh, and soz James x – twitter: @JamesArthur23 insta: @jamesarthurinsta23

9. We Are Fire – Saint Raymond

Callum Burrows aka Saint Raymond returned in November after a 9 month silence with new EP A Light That Blinds. He told Clash that he ‘wrote this song in the midst of touring and festivals madness. We Are Fire is an energetic song and I think it epitomises the emotions of the highs and lows and the whole rollercoaster ride I was on at the time with life and music.’ Much like most of Saint Raymond‘s material, We Are Fire is specked with triumphant indie-pop, with a signature captivating Saint Raymond chorus, accompanied by intense, punchy guitar. The EP as a whole is a pretty solid effort too and absolutely worth a listen. DO IT. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of Saint Raymond in 2018. – twitter: @Callum_SR insta: @callum_sr

10. Psycho – Retro Video Club

I’m late to the party on this one, I know. I’ve been a fan of Edinburgh four-piece Retro Video Club for some time now, but again, they dropped off my radar for a little while and I have absolutely no idea why. Released in September, Psycho is led by powerful, angsty vocals, with lyrics that narrate the volatile manifestations found in any young, naive relationship. It’s catchy from the outset and I’m shocked and upset that I’ve missed this one back in September. HOWEVER, Retro Video Club are releasing new single Famous this Friday, and I’m v excited. Soz for temporarily snoozing on ya x – @retrovideoclub insta: @retrovideoclub


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