October Music Favourites

October got off to an incredible start, I usually find myself trying to scrape together ten tracks for my monthly music favourites post at the end of the month – October was different. A week in and I already had over ten tracks in my notes on my phone, and it only increased in size as the month went on. Scottish duo Prides released their highly anticipated sophomore album A Mind Like the Tide, pt. 1, and MGMT FINALLY made their return after four years, announcing that their fourth album would be out in 2018. Niall Horan released his debut solo album this month too, and it’s frankly just very very lovely. I’ve noticed there’s quite a few home artists on here this month, can you tell I’m missing Scotland a little bit? ANYWAY, here’s my October Music Favourites – enjoy x


1. Would You Rather – Phoebe Bridgers

A friend nagged at me to listen to this for ages and I am so grateful that they did, I’ve been obsessed with it. It’s a sad album, I won’t beat around the bush with that one – it is poignantly sad, but equally stunning. I’d have this entire album on here if I could, but I chose Would You Rather, a track about a mutually destructive relationship that features Bright Eyes vocalist Conor Oberst. This album should be the one that soundtracks your autumn/winter this year, it’s replaced the usual Bon Iver that I normally have on repeat this time of year anyway. Listen to it. If you listen to one thing from this post, please make it this. I’m gutted I missed her set in Manchester this month, it was the same night as another gig I was already going to, but hopefully she’ll be back in my part of the world soon. – twitter: @phoebe_bridgers insta: @_fake_nudes_

2. You’re the Drug – Prides

It’s no secret that I love Prides, and I’ve been waiting for this album for a long time. They’ve released a few tracks here and there since the release of their much loved debut album The Way Back Up in 2015, which have kept us all interested whilst we waited for their sophomore album A Mind Like the Tide, pt 1 – and it has not disappointed. Again, I could’ve picked a few tracks to be on here, but it came down to You’re the Drug, but A Wilder Heart came a close second. I’m excited for Prides to start touring again, their gig at the Liquid Rooms earlier this year was one of my favourite gigs of 2017. Prides make me think of home, and they’re always a band I come back to whenever I’m feeling a little homesick, which is a common occurrence when you’re 200 miles away from home. It’s nice to have more tracks to mope to. Thanks xxxx – twitter: @PRIDESband insta: @pridesband

3. Mercy – Lewis Capaldi

Will I ever stop gushing about Lewis Capaldi? Probably not. Will I ever stop putting his songs on my (very real) crying playlist titled ‘sadting’? Again, probably not. The phenomenal boy finally released his HIGHLY anticipated EP Bloom this month, which featured previously released tracks Fade on You, Bruises, and Lost On You, as well as new track Mercy, and it’s sensational. Mercy is marginally peppier than anything we’d previously heard from Lewis Capaldi, but don’t let that lead you into a false sense of security – it’s still an incredibly sad track, you’ll definitely still cry, and I’m definitely still hunting for whoever hurt him. I first saw Lewis Capaldi at the Electric Circus (RIP xxx) last December, in a room of 200 people, in which nobody was really paying all that much attention to him. A few months later I saw him headline The Mash House, and witnessed a room of 200 people singing his lyrics louder than he was – he’s got a promising 2018 ahead of him, no doubt about it. He’s some boy. – twitter: @LewisCapaldi insta: @lewiscapaldi

4. Hard To Be Myself – Fickle Friends

Hard To Be Myself was a little different to anything we’d already heard from Fickle Friends but it wasn’t lacking in their usual high energy, infectious, fun-filled formula. I saw them at Gorilla last week and had the best time – the crowd were absolutely captivated, and bar a few technical issues, it only confirmed that the Brighton five-piece know how to throw a party. They did a talk earlier that day at my uni that I’d have loved to have gone to, but I had a class that clashed and education comes first innit. However, at their Gorilla gig however they confirmed that we would FINALLY be getting their debut album early next year – yaaaay. – twitter: ficklefriends insta: @ficklefriendsuk


5. Fish – Will Joseph Cook

Will Joseph Cook released a three track EP this month which featured tracks If You Want To Make Money, Holly Wood, and Fish, the latter of which was a song he’d posted on social media a couple of months back, all about wanting to be a fish because he’d ‘heard it’s pretty sick’. It shouldn’t be good, but it is. Following a successful debut album released in April this year (which I reviewed and you can read here xxxx), he shows no signs of slowing down with this EP, it’s got that same familiar cocktail catchy pop hooks and infectious inventiveness that caught my eye the first time round. I went home to see him last week at The Mash House (my best boys Rebel Westerns were supporting and I’m immensely proud) and it was one of the most fun gigs I’d been to this year. I last saw him in May at Stereo in Glasgow and this time round they seemed more confident and the atmosphere was far more lively. I had the best time, even if I was acutely aware that I was one of the oldest people in the room. Even older than Will himself. Haha. Ha. – twitter: @WillJosephCook insta: @willjosephcook

6. Flicker – Niall Horan

I believe I already went on and on and on about how much I’ve surprisingly been enjoying Niall Horan‘s solo material so far last month, and so I was very pleased to finally have my grubby little paws on his debut album Flicker. The album features previously released tracks This Town, Slow Hands, and Too Much To Ask, and admittedly, it is a little boring, and it’s nothing overly impressive, it’s simply inoffensive and a bit lovely. It’s easy listening, but there’s a few really lovely tracks on there, and I really don’t think ‘exciting’ was what Niall Horan was aiming for here anyway. Middle of the road isn’t necessarily a bad place to be. – twitter: @NiallOfficial insta: @niallhoran

7. I Wouldn’t Be – Kodaline

No, YOU heard this for the first time on an Edinburgh bus one morning and burst into tears. Kodaline have a remarkable ability to reduce me to tears in a matter of seconds (need I mention The One, or All I Want????) and that didn’t change with the four track EP they released earlier this month. It’s the first we’ve really heard from them since their sophomore album Coming Up For Air, released in 2015. Opening track I Wouldn’t Be had me bawling, it starts out as an acapella ode to family, and then bagpipes kick in and it’s all just a little bit overwhelming if I’m being honest. It’s evocative and emotional and I loved it. The rest of the EP doesn’t quite follow that same vibe, but that first track is really quite something. It’s what I listen to Kodaline for, to feel like I’ve had my heart ripped out of my chest and jumped up and down on in front of my very eyes. Y’know, that vibe. – twitter: @Kodaline insta: @kodaline

8. Little Dark Age – MGMT

MGMT ARE BACK. You have absolutely no idea how happy I am to write that. MGMT had basically disappeared since the release of their 2013 self-titled third album. And finally, ten years after the released of their debut Oracular Spectacular (still one of the best album ever, fight me), they’re back and spookier than ever. On the 26th December 2015, the band tweeted announcing that they would return in 2016. 2016 came an went and there was still no MGMT. On the 8th May 2017, the band released a teaser video on Instagram alongside the title of the forthcoming album as Little Dark Age, following a series of cryptic tweets. In June of this year, they revealed that their next album was finished. And finally,  this month the band released Little Dark Age, the title track from their new album and their first single in four years. It was absolutely worth the wait. It’s no Electric Feel, it’s a little out of character, a little more goth, but it’s still great. – twitter: @whoisMGMT insta: @whoismgmt

9. Bittersweet – The Van T’s

OH LOOK, ANOTHER SCOTTISH ARTIST. Where do I sign up to be a Van T by the way? Hannah and Chloe are absolutely the coolest girls in the Scottish music scene right now and I want in. Bittersweet is the latest single from Glasgow four-piece The Van T’s, and comes following support slots with Wolf Alice in Dundee and The Jesus & Mary Chain in Glasgow. The Van T’s are widely considered to be one of the most talented and exciting young bands in Scotland just now, and Bittersweet shows us all exactly why. – twitter: @The_VanTs insta: @the_van_ts

10. Gorgeous – Taylor Swift

I can’t believe I’m actually about to say this, or that it’s featured on here at all, but I really, really enjoy Taylor Swift‘s latest single Gorgeous. I’ll say nothing more on the matter. As you were.

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