Dolphin Centre – ‘Streetlit French Kisses’

FFO: Vistas, Spilt Milk Society, Arctic Monkeys, Blaenavon 


Dolphin Centre are Tom Braithwaite, Cam Stephenson, and Ethan Golledge, a Manchester trio currently on the hunt for a drummer to complete their pod. Taking a DIY approach and producing anthemic, indie demos from the bedrooms of their university halls, their first ever demo comes in the form of the increasingly infectious Streetlit French Kisses. A track which combines upbeat, bouncy instrumentals with soaring, melodic vocals to produce something no short of a sensational debut.

This demo is particularly impressive when you learn that whilst Tom and Cam have been playing music together since the age of 10 or so, this particular project only kicked off in September of this year, meaning Dolphin Centre are only a little over a month old. Streetlit French Kisses opens with melancholic, echoey guitar, before Cam’s vocals kick in, vocals that could initially quite easily be mistaken for Alex Turner’s. Although probably more in the sense that they would easily fit in on the soundtrack for Richard Ayoade’s 2010 film Submarine. This similarity disappears as the chorus nears however, and the individuality of Cam’s voice becomes more apparent, soaring in all the right places and maintaining a distinct rawness to it.


Streetlit French Kisses, along with a series of other tracks, was recorded and produced in Tom’s university bedroom, and whilst it may not be perfect or polished, and is understandably a little rough around the edges in places, Dolphin Centre are without a doubt off to a phenomenal start with this one. It’s catchy as hell, and admittedly I haven’t really stopped listening to it since it appeared in my inbox. They’re definitely a band to watch and I for one am excited to see what else they’ve got up hidden up their sleeves for us.

Make sure to follow Dolphin Centre over on Facebook and Soundcloud, and you can listen to their first track Streetlit French Kisses below! x


All photos by Ryan Jones 




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