September Music Favourites

September was that month in which I moved 200 miles away from my favourite city in the world to begin studying Music Journalism full time in Manchester. It was also the month that Sampha won the Mercury Prize with his critically acclaimed album Process (and rightly so), Scottish favourites Prides released a new track, and ethereal trio Daughter released Music from Before the Storm, the original soundtrack to the video game Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Admittedly, taking the time to actually go out of my way and listen to new tracks took a bit of a back seat this month what with starting university and settling into a new city, but I’ve pulled together ten new(ish) releases that I particularly enjoyed throughout the month of September for my monthly music favourites post – enjoy! x


1. Cracks Between – Ten Tonnes

After releasing his EP Born To Lose in July earlier this year, Ethan Barnett, better known as Ten Tonnes, released his latest track Cracks Between. This saw him reuniting with former Maccabees member Hugo White and the result is this three minute riot rock laced with Ethan’s poignant and observant lyrics. Ethan said he wrote Cracks Between when he was 18, and that it’s “a lighthearted look at a breakup”. Ten Tonnes is playing Sound Control this Saturday as part of Manchester’s Neighbourhood Festival. – twitter: @ten_tonnes insta: @ten_tonnes

2. Let’s Stay in Bed All Day – Prides

Summer came late in the form of this piano driven bop from Scottish indie-pop-synth duo Prides, two years after the release of their highly respected and much loved debut album The Way Back UpPrides invented high energy, fun-filled tracks and Let’s Stay in Bed All Day just further confirms that, all while promoting duvet days – I’m here for it. Let’s Stay in Bed All Day is the first single to be released from their upcoming sophomore album titled A Mind Like The Tide: Part One which is set for release on October 27th. Super excited for these guys to get touring again too. Buzz buzz x – twitter: @PRIDESband insta: @pridesband


3. Bullet – LOVE SICK

Glittering Glasgow electro-pop duo LOVE SICK released their debut single Bullet in September, a track filled with quirky, fun electronic beats, twinned with emotive lyrics that encompass both the initial highs and the following lows of love. Bullet was premiered on Radio 1 extra, and has since found its way onto Spotify’s viral chart, and was also featured on Hype Machine. Not bad for their first shot. – twitter: @thisislovesick insta: @thisislovesick

4. 1-800-273-8255 – Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid

This important track from 27 year old American rapper Logic takes its name from the actual phone number of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which provides free and confidential support to those in distress and their loved ones. In a series of tweets, Logic explained what compelled him to write the track, saying he felt compelled to make a song that could actually help his fans “who are in a dark place and can’t seem to find the light.” I cannot stress enough importance of this track. – twitter: @Logic301 insta: @logic

5. I Can’t Live Here Anymore – Daughter

Earlier this month Daughter released their original soundtrack to the video game Life is Strange: Before the Storm. While the majority of tracks on Music from Before the Storm have no lyrics, this does not mean that genuine emotion is absent in Daughter‘s instrumentation. There’s a melancholy in the elegance of the guitar in I Can’t Live Here Anymore, which combines with distant piano chords to create a chilling and beautiful piece of music, whilst delicate whispers from Elena Tonra can just about be made out. The real power of the track unquestionably lies in its composition. Daughter have always been ones to evoke pure, raw emotion in their music, and this sublime album proves that it’s not just done through their lyrics. They’ve perfected their recipe for heartbreaking and melancholic compositions, and created a genuine work of art with this album. Music from Before the Storm is cinematic and captivating, and arguably the best album I’ve heard this year. – twitter: @ohdaughter insta: @ohdaughter

6. Illuminate – TENDER

TENDER are London duo James Cullen and Dan Cobb, who I first encountered when they supported stunning shoe-gazers Cigarettes After Sex last summer at King Tut’s in Glasgow. Their debut album Modern Addiction is a cathartic, cold, lonely, and intrinsically modern look at the irrepressible desire to maintain a love, be it destined or doomed. Opening track Illuminate describes a struggle for independence in the face of dominance and is the track that shines the brightest for me. Each track is refreshing and sensual, and details the bleak reality of love, all whilst maintaining a fluid relatability to them. – insta: @tenderofficialmusic 

7. Girl Crush – Harry Styles

Harry Styles recently covered Little Big Town‘s Girl Crush, and just like everything that man does it’s stunning. That is all. As you were AM x – twitter: @Harry_Styles insta: @harrystyles

8. Enough – Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds are Ewan Merrett (keyboards, vocals), Callum Merrett (vocals), Charlie Pitt (bass), Sam Hunt (guitar), Olivia Dimery (drums) from Bath, and they released their most recent EP Mixtape One towards the end of September and it’s an absolute banger. They’re playing Sound Control as part of Manchester’s Neighbourhood Festival this weekend too, and you’d be silly not to go and daaaaance with them. Ewan told CLASH that Living Alone comes from a conversation about people’s social media feeds making you feel shitty about what you’re doing. “On social media people call it FOMO, the appearance of living an interesting life seems to be more important than actually living an interesting life. The truth is that it doesn’t matter how great people’s lives are in real life, it’s not nearly as incredible as it appears to us as we scroll through their social media feeds.” – twitter: @realbadsounds insta: @realbadsounds

9. Too Much To Ask – Niall Horan

I touched on this track a little in my post about One Direction’s Solo Endeavours last month. Too Much To Ask is the third single taken from Niall Horan‘s highly anticipated debut solo album, Flicker. I’m not one to usually enjoy Niall‘s music all too much but I’ve been listening to this track in particular a lot over the last month, it’s emotive and a slight step away from his usual mum music. It’s charming, inoffensive, and just down right pleasant to listen to (and makes me a little bit emo). It’s also successfully converted me into a Niall fan, so there’s that too. – twitter: @NiallOfficial insta: @niallhoran

10. The Best You Had – Nina Nesbitt

In November last year, Nina Nesbitt posted a short 30 second clip of the first lyrics we hear on The Best You Had and I was hooked. I’d never really been a fan of her’s until then and I became obsessed with that 30 second clip, so I was thrilled when I saw that almost a year later she was finally releasing it in its entirety.  The lyrics are stunning, RealTM, emotive, and raw. We’ve all been there, when you go through a break up and see that they’ve moved on with somebody else. Nina said of the track that ‘the heartbreaking part isn’t necessarily that they’ve moved on, but rather the possibility that this new person could be better than you. Smarter, prettier, more successful’. And I am CERTAIN that we’ve all been there. If not, consider yourself lucky. ‘In reality you don’t actually want to be back with this person, and you don’t care if they’re just taking someone home for the night or if they have fallen in love, all you care about is them still being able to taste you on their tongue when they say “i love you”, and as long of you were the best they had. It’s your pride getting in the way of the way you actually feel’. And this track encapsulates that perfectly. – twitter: @ninanesbitt insta: @ninenesbitt



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