June Music Favourites

June saw the release of some pretty little gems in terms of new music releases, starting with the long awaited debut album from sultry shoe-gaze sweethearts Cigarettes After Sex, which as expected is an ambient masterpiece. Lorde released her highly anticipated sophomore album Melodrama, which frankly, is just sensational. Oh Wonder dropped new single High on Humans (which I still read as ‘High on Hummus’ every. single. time.), then Fickle Friends released yet another pop anthem in the form of Glue, and my Dundee favourites ST.MARTiiNS released their stunning four track debut EP Bad w/ Her. As usual, there will be a little Spotify playlist at the bottom on this post, with a few extra tracks that I’ve enjoyed throughout June, as well as this month’s ten favourites. Enjoy x


1. 9teen – ST.MARTiiNS

It’s really becoming quite clear that Dundee duo Mark Johnston and Katie Lynch of ST.MARTiiNS can do no wrong. Just a week ago they released their debut EP Bad w/ Herfeaturing three tracks that you’ll have definitely seen me gush about in every music favourites post for the last few months, as well as final track 9teen, previously released earlier last year. Please know that I wholeheartedly adore this EP, and I am certain that ST.MARTiiNS have some massive things coming their way. 9teen is a little more stripped back in comparison to the likes of About Uor Othr Grls, and provides the perfect finale to Bad w/ Her. Katie’s vocals cascade and glisten throughout the track, remaining utterly, utterly sublime. ST.MARTiiNS also released a video for Othr Grls earlier this month too, which you can watch below. There’s dogs in it btw. – twitter: @stmartiins insta: @stmartiins


2. Fresh Meat – The Van T’s

To put it as simply and honestly as I possibly can, Fresh Meat is ferocious. This Glasgow four-piece, fronted by twins Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson, are known for tracks brimming with brutal, fuzzy guitar riffs and melodic vocals, and Fresh Meat is no exception. It’s brilliantly savage, and I love it. You can catch The Van T’s at TRNSMT next weekend in Glasgow. – twitter: @The_VanTs insta: @the_van_ts

3. The Louvre – Lorde

Melodrama is easily the best album of the year so far. Easily. Lorde captures unadulterated emotion in her tracks like no other woman in the music industry right now, and chronicles her experiences of her ‘first proper year of adulthood’ in this exquisite ode to self-discovery. Each song on this sensational album is overflowing with lyrical content addressing adolescent agony, heartache, hedonism, and grief  – The Louvre being a perfect example. – twitter: @lorde insta: @lordemusic


4. Flash – Cigarettes After Sex

Dusky and elegant, Flash is probably my favourite track from the self-titled debut album from Cigarettes After Sex released earlier this month, though this was by no means an easy decision to make. I feel like I possibly (definitely) over-use the term ‘ethereal’, but there really is no other way to describe Cigarettes After Sex, or Greg Gonzalez’s vocals in particular. Flash doesn’t stray from the familiar elusive, sultry cocktail of lilting melodies and rich instrumentation that make this ambient four-piece so so appealing and sensational. Nostalgia for lost love and romance is universal, so it is easy to see why so many find solace in Cigarettes After Sex. – twitter: @CigsAfterSexx @insta: @cigsaftersex

5. Glue – Fickle Friends

I think we’re all getting a little hooked on Fickle Friends. This Brighton five-piece just keep releasing one infectious, fiery pop anthem after another, and they show zero signs of slowing down any time soon. Glue is no different, showcasing high energy and insanely groovy synths, and flirty lyrical content that tell of a first intense, passionate kiss with someone. It’s another prime example of the unadulterated care-free pop we’ve grown so used to hearing from Fickle Friends, which makes both their music and live shows so fun. I have incredibly high hopes for their debut album set for release later this year, and I am certain that they’ll only exceed them. – twitter: @ficklefriends insta: @ficklefriendsuk

6. Lover – Model Aeroplanes

Indie-pop Dundee four-piece Model Aeroplanes are Rory Fleming-Stewart, Grant Irvine, Ben Buist, and Kieran Smith. They first came to my attention when they supported Twin Atlantic at Fat Sam’s in August 2014, so I’ve been a fan for a little while now. Lover is the follow up to their successful debut EP Something Like Heaven released March last year, and oozes tropical, summery vibes. It’s arguably their strongest track to date, with infectious riffs coupled effortlessly with vibrant vocals from Rory Fleming-Stewart. Lover is instantly addictive. – twitter: @modelaeroplanes insta: @modelaeroplanes

7. High on Humans – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder revealed the fifth track from their sophomore album Ultralife due for release next month. High on Humans intertwines stunning harmonies from Anthony and Josephine with euphoric synths, and was inspired by a conversation Josephine was initially just listening in to on the tube. Two girls were happily going back and forth discussing their favourite foods, when one girl declared that she didn’t like avocados, Josephine interrupted and said ‘what do you mean you don’t like avocados?!’. The three then proceeded to have a twenty minute conversation about hot sauces and condiments, and the three of them exited the carriage high on adrenaline having connected with strangers. High on Humans celebrates the potential to ‘get high’ and feel liberated by talking to strangers, something Josephine believes we should all do more of. (If, however, strangers are trying to entice you with puppies or sweets or whatever else they have in their van though then you should probably just avoid that shit). – twitter: @OhWonderMusic insta: @ohwondermusic



8. Somebody you found – The Japanese House

The Japanese House, aka Amber Bain, released three tracks in the last month, all building up to the release of her fourth EP Saw You in a Dream towards the end of this month. Somebody you found was one of these tracks, it’s glistening and sunkissed, and brimming with an obvious 80s influence. Seeing Amber’s graceful evolution since the release of her debut EP Pools to Bathe In in 2015 has been remarkable, and she’s flourished, with her sound becoming more polished and ambitious whilst remaining completely original. – twitter: @Japanesehouse insta: @thejapanesehouse

9. Count to Nine – The Japanese House

Count to Nine is the sensational final track from The Japanese House‘s fourth EP Saw You in a Dream, and is nine whole minutes of glorious Amber Bain goodness. It’s probably best you explore this one for yourself.

10. 13 – LANY

LANY are Los Angeles trio Paul Jason Klein, Jake Clifford Goss, and Les Priest, and their intimate, self-titled 80’s inspired synth-pop album was released today. Whilst admittedly it is a little lengthy, and sonically the album doesn’t really go anywhere with most of the songs sounding the same (not necessarily a bad thing), it does have some really, really strong tracks, 13 included. Continuing LANY‘s ongoing theme of gold-glowing romanticised break up songs, 13 showcases the most ethereal guitar and some really dreamy vocals, and it is probably my favourite track on the album. – twitter: @thisisLANY insta: @thisislany


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