April Music Favourites

I usually go through each month making a list on my phone of all the tracks I’ve particularly enjoyed, which often leads to the difficult task of whittling it down to my finalised Top 10. This month it was a little bare. Admittedly I struggled to find ten songs I’d legitimately enjoyed. I had high hopes for The Japanese House‘s new single ‘Saw You in a Dream’ and whilst I didn’t immediately adore it, it’s definitely growing on me, earning itself a place in this months favourites (just). And don’t even get me started on that new Fall Out Boy track……. HOWEVER, Friday the 28th came and saved the day with tidy new releases from Oh Wonder, Indigo Velvet, and Jordan Mackampa, and finally I got my ten favourite tracks for the month of April, enjoy. x


1. Habit – Will Joseph Cook

It’s no secret that I adore Will Joseph Cook as an artist, and Habit is probably my absolute favourite track from his debut album Sweet Dreamer released earlier this month (read my review here xxx). It’s raw and melodramatic and I heart it. Will is heading out on tour, and has a headline gig at Stereo in Glasgow on the 2nd. Tickets are still available and ya girl will most definitely be there.  – twitter: @WillJosephCook insta: @willjosephcook

2. Hard Times – Paramore

Initially I was incredibly unsure of what to make of this new release from Paramore, a couple of listens later however and it had totally grown on me. This is the first we’ve heard from Paramore since the release of their self-titled fourth album in 2013, and the evolution is clear. You can definitely hear the influence Zac Farro’s return has had on their music, showing similarities to the material his band HalfNoise have previously released. Alongside the release of Hard Times, Paramore announced the upcoming release of their fifth studio album After Laughter, as well as a UK tour (which is unfortunately sold out and was an absolute NIGHTMARE to get tickets for). Excited to see what else 2017 brings us from Paramore. – twitter: @paramore insta: @paramore

3. Treat Me Like A Lover – Will Joseph Cook

Another Will Joseph Cook track? Soz, but honestly, I’d have put that entire album on here if I could. Treat Me Like A Lover is an unashamedly 90s pulsating pop anthem, and if you can listen to this without at least doing a lil shoulder shimmy then you’re made of STONE.

4. Mona – Indigo Velvet

I have a hell of a lotta love and time for these Edinburgh boys. Mona has those familiar sunny melodies we’re so used to hearing from Indigo Velvet, and it’s a total strawberry jam. I’ve caught them live many many times over the last year or two and I always have the BEST time. They know how to put on a belter of a show, and I’d argue that Indigo Velvet gigs are probably one of the things I’ll miss most about Edinburgh when I disappear to Manchester in September. Although I have no doubts that I’ll see them down that way sometime soon anyway. Indigo Velvet have a series of live dates coming up v soon, and I highly recommend you get yourself down to one if you can. – twitter: @INDIGOVELVET_ insta: @indigovelvet

FullSizeRender (13)

5. Battlecry – Jordan Mackampa

Jordan Mackampa, singer-songwriter based in Coventry is a real life soulful angel. I first caught Jordan when he supported Lewis Watson at the now closed Electric Circus back in December of last year, and I was completely awestruck by that man’s vocals. He told The Line of Best Fit that Battlecry is about “standing up for what you believe in, refusing to be silenced and coming together. It was written to make people feel powerful in the face of adversity, comforted in times of isolation and brave in the face of change”. And it’s stunning, but hey, what’s new there? Jordan’s new EP Tales From The Broken is out on the 15th May, however you should definitely get his EP Physics in and around your ear holes in the meantime. He’s also heading out on tour in May, headlining Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh on the 28th, and ya girl will be front n centre singing along to every word. – twitter: @JordanMackampa insta: @jordanmackampa

6. Bruises – Lewis Capaldi

Again, I first caught Lewis Capaldi when he supported Lewis Watson on tour last year (honestly, shoutout to Lew Lew Watson for bringing beautiful artists into my life), and I was utterly blown away. Can you believe Lewis Capaldi invented Singing™???? The boy’s got some serious vocals. I managed to get myself down to his headline gig at The Mash House earlier this month too, and of course, it was stunning. Bruises has received an INSANE amount of attention since it’s release towards the end of March, and it’s really not surprising at all. I’m certain big things are coming Lewis Capaldi’s way in 2017, and he totally deserves it. – twitter: @LewisCapaldi insta: @lewiscapaldi

7. HUMBLE. – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick released his fourth studio album DAMN. earlier this month and it’s undoubtedly one of the best albums 2017 has seen so far. But you really do not need me to tell you how good this track and that album is. You really don’t. You are all fully aware. If you’re not, WHERE THE HELL HAVE U BEEN. – twitter: @kendricklamar insta: @kendricklamar

8. My Friends – Oh Wonder

Thank GOD for Oh Wonder. Their singles and subsequent self-titled debut album soundtracked most of my 2015 and considering how much I adore that debut, and how much I adored Lewis Watson’s second album which they worked closely on, I had high hopes for their new material. However I was less than enthused by their new tracks, being disappointed with both Ultralife and LifetimesMy Friends though, OH BOY, there’s the Oh Wonder I know and love. I appreciate that bands will grow and evolve, but prior to the release of My Friends, I felt that the change had been too drastic and I no longer felt that same, poignant emotional connection with their newer material. My Friends then came along, ripped my heart from my chest, only to repeatedly jump up and down on it for 4 minutes and 55 seconds straight. It’s arguably their most stunning and raw track to date, and I am once again looking forward to their sophomore album Ultralife, which is set for release on the 16th June. – twitter: @OhWonderMusic insta: @ohwondermusic

9. Lens – Frank Ocean

HANDS UP IF YOU CANNOT KEEP UP WITH FRANK OCEAN???? Disappears for years and now he’s released sophomore studio album Blond, visual album Endless, and several new singles including Lens, each one just as infectious as the last and fully showcasing just how versatile and outstanding an artist Frank Ocean is. Parklife, hurry yourself up.

10. Saw You in a Dream – The Japanese House

I’ll admit it, when this got it’s first play on Beats1 earlier this week, I was NOT a fan. I was disappointed, because I usually fall in love with The Japanese House’s material instantly, and she hadn’t previously released a track that I don’t wholeheartedly adore. However, many listens later, and it has begun to grow on me. I’m beginning to see and appreciate the evolution in Amber’s sound, and can’t ignore that it is a beautiful track, it’s just not my favourite that she’s released thus far. Amber Bain is undeniably talented, and despite not falling head over heels for Saw You in a Dream, I’m still incredibly excited for her headline gig at the Liquid Rooms on the 10th May. I’ve seen her live around 6 times now, and her sets are always stunning. – twitter: @Japanesehouse insta: @thejapanesehouse


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