Tunbridge Wells’ Will Joseph Cook (finally) released his debut album ‘Sweet Dreamer’ last Friday, and it’s nothing short of a sugar-rush inducing pop DREAM. 


Will Joseph Cook is one who shamelessly pens lyrics brimming with unabashed emotion, and catchy hooks just seem to come so naturally to this nineteen year old that they could almost just be part of his genetic make up. I’ve been awaiting the release of this album for well over a year now, and had incredibly high expectations – AND HE’S ONLY GONE N BLOODY EXCEEDED THEM HASN’T HE? ‘Sweet Dreamer‘ is infectiously joyous, brazenly fun, and I adore it with every fibre of my being. 

Opening track ‘Biggest Fan‘ shimmers with an optimistic fervour which continues to cascade across all 13 tracks, discussing a blissful show of admiration over sunny acoustics and biting percussion. Title track ‘Sweet Dreamer‘ has undoubtedly indie elements and that same concoction of a catchy chorus, signature soaring vocals, groovy guitar riffs, and a funky bassline. Track 3 is ‘Treat Me Like A Lover‘ and I DARE you to listen to this without at least doing a shoulder shimmy. This track sits on an album full of gems and still manages to shine as one of the brightest, showcasing just how talented Will Joseph Cook is. An unashamedly ‘pop’ anthem and a total BOP. 

Girls Like Me‘, a single released last year, remains a glorious slice of slick indie pop, whilst ‘Habit‘ is delicious and raw, and probably one of my, if not my absolute, favourite track on the album. Towards the end of this astounding debut we find ‘Take Me Dancing‘, again, a single from last year which slows the pace a little. This track in particular gives me that same warm, glowing, fuzzy feeling as being in love. It’s just sickeningly sweet and endearing, both lyrically and instrumentally. ‘Water’s Gone Cold‘ provides a stark conclusion for ‘Sweet Dreamer‘, it is sombre and fragile, and is a complete change in tone from the rest of the album, yet it still just WORKS. Will Joseph Cook’s vocals soar and fall and crack in all the right places on this more mellow track, providing the perfect finale. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now, Will Joseph Cook’s singular cocktail of catchy pop hooks, richly characteristic lyrics, and idiosyncratic inventiveness will send him stratospheric, especially following a debut as outstanding as this one. Sweet dreams really are made of this. 

Watch Will Joseph Cook’s latest video for track ‘Hands’ below. ALSO, Will is heading out on tour towards the end of this month and I highly recommend that you grab yourself a ticket if you can. Ya girl’s going to be at his Glasgow date at Stereo on the 2nd of May! Oh, and go buy the album, yeah? Sweet. x


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